Check Pregnancy with Prega news Home Pregnancy Test?

You can check your Pregnancy with Prega news Pregnancy Test cards in 5 minutes at your home

So many people are asking sir please give details about how to use prega news pregnancy test kit in Hindi. But we don’t know the Hindi language so we will give you procedure how to use/ check pregnancy kit at your home in English language only. We will update Prega News pregnancy test video soon below thank you.

Bring any company pregnancy test card like prega news (or) i can pregnant check like this so many pregnancy test cards are available in market. Basically these cards are available in medical shops & pharmacy only (or) now you can buy from online selling websites also like amazon & flipkart snapdeal etc… (Links are provided below). SO buy any company pregnancy test card from sellers nearest medical shops/ online websites. After getting pregnancy test card you can test it with you first urine (after waking from bed) only.

What is the procedure Pregnancy Test – Using a Pregnancy Detection Kit?

Pregnancy Test with Prega news
Check Pregnancy Test with Prega news
    1. First take new Pregnancy kit place it on table
    2. Take three drops of urine (first urine of the day)
    3. Put three drops of urine slowly in the prega news card
      Wait for 5-10 minutes
    4. Pregnancy test card will indicates Pink lines in the center of test card.
  • If Two Pink lines indicates it is positive.
  • If One Pink line indicates its Negative.
  • No line Is Invalid

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